Maintaining the shiny state of your windows does not have to be extremely difficult. In fact, it might appear to be and it could be made simpler once you consider the beneficial hacks below. Keep in mind that these hacks are only recommended to be utilized and applied for interior cleaning. If your windows have parts that are difficult to reach, never hesitate to contact the professionals to have it cleaned by the experts. Though having clean and sparkly windows is pleasant and an accomplishment, you should still prioritize your safety. Here are the easiest means of cleaning your windows: 


A lot of homeowners want to achieve a clean window’s bright shine but neglect to clean it since they’re scared of making unappealing streaks. The bane of every window cleaners is window streaks. The greatest tool to combat unsightly streaks would be a nice squeegee. It could be difficult to handle a squeegee. Hence, you need to watch some tutorials on YouTube about the right practice and techniques when it comes to squeegeeing. 

Newspaper and other alternatives 

A lot of people are considering to recycle the newspaper that lies all over their home by utilizing it instead of paper towels. This is actually an eco-friendly and smart idea and practice. However, nowadays, the newspaper turns out to be a thing of the past since the coffee filter has come as an alternative to a newspaper. However, microfiber towel is much greater than that since they are totally washable and they are not expensive. 

Homemade cleaner 

When we talk about homemade cleaners, most of the reaction is off as they go back to the commercial window cleaners. Other home-brewed cleaners could be a critical balance of random household liquids, ammonia, and water. Although to clean your windows, all you need is dish soap, vinegar, and water. It is enough to have some drops of dish-washing liquid, one part vinegar, and two parts of water. However, there are a lot of various measurements that will lead to great outcomes. Use this solution to spray it on your windows before you wipe it away and then rinse it using a minimal amount of water to prevent any development of film from the dish soap. 

Blackboard eraser 

If you still find some stubborn streaks on your window even after you tried some of these strategies, go to the craft store near you and buy a blackboard eraser. This might sound weird and this might not erase all of your issues, however, you can remove those stubborn streaks by rubbing it across your window. 

Look at the window details 

In terms of windows, you can see the perfection in the details. It isn’t sufficient to get a window that can just let you see outside but you want to make sure that you can perfectly see out of the scenery from any angle all the time. To prevent having some watermarks on your window edges, wipe your water or a cleaner with a Q-tip or a microfiber towel. If you have some decal or sticker remnants on your window, you can get rid of the gunk off using rubber alcohol or avail window repair Collierville if you think your windows require some repairing. 

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