The summer heat can attract more than party-goers and the beach bodies to head out, enjoy, and play. Moreover, the additional humidity attracts mosquitoes as well. These irksome suckers of blood bring with them some diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever, to name a few. You might observe these tiny, winged pests all over your house. Now, how can you keep them away from your homes? Check out the following alternatives to pest control Memphis that can be helpful to make your home free of mosquito: 

Bug zappers 

It appears that flying insects can’t tolerate the blue light of a bug zapper. As soon as they reach the wire mesh that contains this blue-colored hue light, they will automatically be electrocuted to death immediately. The continuous zapping sound that you hear is an indicator that these flying pests are being taken care of. You should position one bug zapper outside and inside your house. 

Citronella candles  

One of the organic plant extracts that can naturally repel mosquitoes is citronella. You can make use of this method to a higher level by using citronella candles near your home’s important areas. The standard candle’s heat is sufficient to repel winged insects, mainly mosquitoes. However, the citronella smell that exudes from the burning candle adds additional protection to your house. 

Make sure to have ventilation devices near you 

An air conditioning unit or even a simple electric fan can help drive mosquitoes away. Keep in mind that mosquitoes like heat since they possess heat sensors that can find their prey because of the heat they exude from their body. Once an electric fan or an air conditioning unit is used, you will reduce your body temperatures. This can make mosquitoes go blind, which makes it hard to look for their prey. Also, they will try their best to prevent cool areas as well.  


Garlic’s odor might be quite unpleasant, however, that is actually what helps repel mosquitoes to make your property mosquito-free. You only need to crush some garlic in water and then start spraying it all over the nooks and crannies of your home. 


Having bats is one of the greatest ways to remove mosquitoes from your house. Bats can consume as much as 100 mosquitoes every hour. All it takes is to set up a bat house in your yard. This might be a weird idea but it actually works. 

Keep some plants 

One way to stop having mosquitoes naturally from infesting your house is to have some plants such as basil, lemon balm, lavender, marigold, and citronella. These plants are known to repel mosquitos and they are easy to grow and accessible.  

Employ professional pest control 

Professional exterminators are knowledgeable about non-toxic chemicals that should be utilized in and out of your property to stop mosquitoes like Cryonite. You should refrain from depending on DIY techniques too much if you deal with mosquitoes. It would be great to reach and contact the professional about this matter.