Even if you just had your roof installed recently or it is already reaching its end, it is still very vital to make sure that you keep your roofs well-maintained to preserve it and to provide you longer service. Doing the following task might appear to be costly and time-consuming. However, once you compare regular roof cleaning Memphis to the amount of money you will be spending if you consider having a new roof, these tasks can relatively help you save tons of bucks in the future. 

Trim your trees 

If your home happens to be surrounded by trees, observe their branches closely and guarantee that there are no branches that hang on top of your roof. These branches can help rodents and pests easy access to your roof, which eventually results in making homes or gnawing in the shingles. Guarantee that all branches are approximately 10 ft. farther from the roof. Otherwise, it would be best to contact a certified arborist to have the branches safely removed without damaging your home or tree permanently.  

Stop ice dams 

The best means of taking care of your roof does not actually involve anything with your roof at all. Guarantee that you have sufficient attic insulation so that the water won’t create ice dams and freeze on your roof that melt, which leads to massive water damage. Clearing off any snow of your roof and utilizing a rake to remove any ice or snow on your roof is one way to stop ice dams from happening. To prevent ice dams, it would be recommended to clear nearly 3-4 ft. near the rain gutters. 

Maintain your gutters 

Keeping your rain gutters all over your property might do beyond what you can imagine. It doesn’t only keep the pests and leaves from making your roof appear unkempt and shabby, but maintaining your gutters on a regular basis can save your property from water damage as well. While the debris and leaves pile up, they will make dams in your gutter that makes a pool of stagnant water. Then, the water leaks into your home and makes all types of issues. 

Pay attention to it 

The easiest thing and the most fundamental thing you can do to look after your roof is to know what is happening with it, particularly after extreme storms or severe weather. You can easily determine whether something is going on if you practice observing your house’s surroundings and walking your house perimeter. By doing so, you can be aware if there’s any shingle that has fallen off or the granules of your shingles have chipped off. These indicators will enable you to decide when is the time to either replace or repair your roof.  

If you have a pair of binoculars, do not hesitate to use it and observe your roof. See if there are any damaged flushing and curling shingles around the skylights, vents, and other openings. This is a great way to immediately take action if there are any problems with your roof.